Pi Day. That time of the year has come full circle.

In honor of our favorite constant, I’ve prepared a little poem.


You must have heard about 3.14… In many circles she's all the rage. She's the greek character that we all adore, whose irrational nature takes center stage.

Defined by division, as opposed to sum, (a fact that is known throughout the land). But don't count on her with your fingers and thumbs, she flaunts more digits than you have on your hand.

Men fight to reveal her decimal places, -- around 2.5 trillion is the current amount. A complex attitude is not what she embraces, but, she's a real number, and that's what counts.

I hesitate to sound slightly cliche, but she's a hero unhonored and unsung. And after all, it's true what they say: two Pi is greater than one.


\[ 2 \pi > 1\]